What We Need to Know About Fracking in Yankee Springs

An excellent site with a lot of information.


WSJ Fracking Image

By: Kyle Shutz and Matthew Knaack

WMEAC has created the following primer for citizens and stakeholders interested in following the hydraulic fracturing issue in Barry County.

What will happen to the Yankee Springs Recreation Area?

On May 8, 23,419 acres of state land in Barry County were auctioned off for lease to gas companies. Most of Yankee Springs Recreation Area was leased at the auction under the designation of “non-development.” Officials at the DNR confirmed that this designation means there can be no surface-level changes made to the land parcels, but horizontal drilling is still permitted.  Also, the lease contracts from the auction give companies the ability to apply for re-designation of parcels through a process of application and review, allowing them to have “non-development” parcels re-designated as “development” or “development with restriction” parcels.

Although parcels could potentially be re-designated, the land legally designated as Yankee Springs Recreation Area cannot…

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