Critical Damage to Critical Dunes?

Another attack against beautiful Michigan. The dunes are so important to this state, our legislators need to continue to protect them. And….may I ask….what the heck is WRONG with people who even consider doing anything to damage them?

Perhaps by directing citizen attention to a different problem they think they can keep us too divided to get the Ban Fracking Ballot Initiative done?


A bill that could dramatically reduce protections on critical sand dunes in Michigan passed out of the Senate Committee for Natural Resources, Environment and Great Lakes yesterday morning.  Designed to streamline development on sand dunes and lakeshore property, Senate Bill 1130 (HB5647) will amend the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act to hinder public participation and place some of the state’s most important natural resources at risk for unrestricted development.

The current law only applies to 70,000 of the 250,000 acres of Michigan.  By modifying these already modest protections, the critical dunes will lose a host of safeguards by:

  •  Significantly altering the laws intent – from a focus on environmental and ecological protection for future generations – to economic and housing development.
  •  Allowing for driveways and parking lots in dune areas without regard to environmental impact.
  •  The bill mitigates the ability of local conservation districts to review proposals.

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