Encouraging stats :)

At our small, local, Barry County meeting last night, we counted the signatures of the ballots that had been turned in…..with only 12 people attending, out of 53, and only having had petitions available for three weeks……… we had over 1100 signatures! Many members of the group were not in attendance last night, and one attendee didn’t bring their signed petitions …the numbers are very encouraging 🙂 And just think! we are only one, small, rural county 🙂

C’mon Michiganders! We can SOOOO do this thing! 🙂

If you are a registered voter and haven’t signed a petition…do so. If you know five or more registered voters, sign up to circulate a petition to your group of friends and family. This is for all of us! WE need to protect our water, air and our largest inve$stment…our homes…from the disastrous effects of horizontal hydraulic fracturing (aka: fracking).

THE question is NOT IF an accident will happen.

The question is WHEN an accident will happen, and who’s neighborhood will be affected!

I am just as concerned for your neighborhood as I am for mine. Please, join us in extending protection statewide. Thank You.


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