For the record…

For the record:
Any of you reading other blogs will see that I have come under attack on one or two of them and am not allowed to post a response directly on those blogs….so…just to be absolutely clear…
I am not an activist.
I am not “afraid”.
I am not “in a panic”.
And I am not spouting rhetoric that protects the status quo.

I am a woman, wife of 40 years to the same man, mother of four, grandmother of seven, massage therapist, artist. I have spent years studying the human organism, behavior patterns, movement patterns, belief patterns, and how they affect the human organism. I work every day with the deleterious effects of technology on the environment and thus, on the human body.

I am angry, not afraid.
I live in disgust, not panic.
I am doing what I can to protect humanity in my small area from suffering any further detriment because of Big Oil’s greed and ability to buy-off our politicians. Does that make me a radical? Perhaps. Personally, I believe that I am simply a woman capable of
Thinking for myself…of looking at the history and not believing the rhetoric that’s spoon fed to me. Does being disgusted with the lies of corporate America and the ineptitude and corruption of those elected to watch out for us make me an activist? If so, then I evidently need to make an adjustment in how I see myself.
But I am not in fear or panic. And let me remind those of you who feel free to disparage my mental acuity and my beliefs that…it only took one angry woman to have prayer removed from our public schools and only one angry woman to get abortion legalized…


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