Ready for the Triple-Team

Wednesday 7/18/2012

Again, the 6 p.m. -10 p.m. shift 🙂 I asked the person who’d done the afternoon shift if they’d been approached by anyone working in the oil company telling them they were crazy to be trying to ban the wonderful opportunity of fracking. They had not. It appears then that they save their time and talent until my shift. Oh, lucky, lucky me 😉

After Tuesday nights triple team, I went home and did some research on the fracking boom in North Dakota…so far, the two people who most loudly proclaimed the safety of the practice, and claiming they worked in N. Dakota were very, very wrong. I printed out the documentation so I could prove my points to them…they didn’t return.

Wednesday night was a fellow who said he worked for an oil/gas exploration company out of Grand Rapids, MI and that fracking was totally safe.  He told me he knew more about fracking than I did. I agreed with him that he probably did.

I then asked him if he considered the New York Times, The Washington Post, Reuters or the AP to be fairly credible news sources…he did. I asked if he thought legislative subcommittees could be trusted to submit fairly accurate information…he did.

I pointed to the table full of papers that were articles from those credible news sources and sub-committee reports from State and Federal committees on the topic of “fracking”…all of which contained information that any reasonable human being who can look a few years into the future would see as damning.

He wished us luck and walked away. I wished him luck also and continued good health.

Okay, now I’m armed with even more facts! Where are those oil/gas guys when you have ample ammunition… 😉


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