Monday 7/16/2012

I helped two other fractivists get our booth up and running. I returned at 6 p.m. to take my shift with getting petition signatures.

Many people didn’t know what fracking is, so a lot of time was spent repeatedly informing people of the risk involved with this particular method of drilling.  It was incredibly hot!

Around 8 p.m. two couples walked by and I asked if they were familiar with the process of fracking. They said, “yes” so I pressed on asking them if they’d had a chance to sign our petition to put ban language on the November 2014 ballot.

The short version is that they did not. From what I gathered both the men worked in the fracking industry out in N. Dakota. One of the women said it was the only job allowing them to support their families. Her husband (my assumption), with some urging, stayed around to answer a few of my questions.

He said he is a truck driver and that to his knowledge there had never been an accident, spill or release in N. Dakota. He believes fracking is a good thing and he wants to see it in Michigan.

The bottom line is that he makes money from fracking so fracking is good. They can take their family to the fair because they make good money in the fracking industry so fracking is good. Fracking is good because he is making money at it.

No documentation, no consideration of the history of fracking. No compassion toward those in Pennsylvania, Texas or Canada who are suffering greatly because of fracking.

How very sad that as a species we still put our own selfish desires over the welfare of the entirety.


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