Under Attack

Tuesday 7/17/2012

Back at the fair, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Around 8 p.m. two fellows walked up and started asking questions about what fracking is. The lady with me began explaining but when they got to some questions she couldn’t answer, she deferred to me. I answered the question and then their attention was focused on me. In a matter of moments, we had a lively conversation going when they looked up and smiled at another fellow who was approaching from the opposite direction.

It appeared they knew each other. The third fellow came up and took control of the conversation. He was on the attack. He explained that they worked for a gas company doing fracking in N. Dakota and that it was perfectly safe (he’s making money at it, so of course it’s safe). He insisted that we were crazy trying to stop fracking in Michigan because it’s such a good thing, he’s making good money at it, and everyone in Michigan can make good money at it…..

He, again, like the others, had no documentation, no hard evidence and his entire impassioned speech was based on how fracking creates jobs, people (namely him) make money, it’s completely safe (but he couldn’t name well-sites or communities that would or could prove that point while I had nearly a ream of paper with documentation from news media, governmental reports, etc. to prove differently). I had a lot of fun playing with him and his singular viewpoint.

I asked him exactly what his job was, he refused to answer by changing the subject. I am not easily put off, I asked him again, he said, “just some low end job” and went on to talk about my erroneous take on fracking. Again, I asked him, “What exactly is the job you do for the fracking industry?” After several rounds of this, he finally looked down (as if searching for an answer) then looked up and said he inspects the well sites. Everything in his body language said he was not being truthful.

So, if he is a well-inspector, then he’s being paid by the companies that stand to gain the most profit to report what they want to hear. By the time he left, we were both smiling and laughing because we knew we were at an impasse…he’s being paid by the corporations causing all the problems for regular folks in N. Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Pennsylvania and Canada…and I’m one of the regular folks trying to keep my state pure.

The three walked away together toward the exit where the first two had come from in the first place. I have to wonder how much they were paid to come in and try to disrupt the petition process and/or try to scare us off….


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