After 2 long years away it’s time to reenter the fray…..EaRtHQuAkE!!!!! anyone?

Well….if you live in SW Michigan you either experienced first-hand (or heard about from nearly everyone you know) our 4.2 magnitude earthquake. All you Californian’s take a deep breath…we don’t get earthquakes here. Not like this! This was a big deal for many of us.

I live beside a small airport that added helicopters to the things that fly around several years ago, at that point I was forced to remove small loose items from shelves, and all my paintings on the walls are not just hung from nails, but also stuck to the walls by Velcro in the corners, because I was tired of straightening them every five minutes. My daughter-in-law five houses away wasn’t as prepared as I. Her story of wondering why things were jumping off the walls, shelves and counters is quite comical the way she tells it.

Saturday morning was beautiful. Sunny, pleasant and warmed up quickly. Even though a pesky helicopter was buzzing around and around and around the airport, I opened windows to let the fresh air in. At about 12:21, as I was talking to my son on the phone, I heard a loud boom followed by immediate shuddering of the entire house. I sort of hollered and jumped up and ran from the house knowing the only thing that could account for that kind of noise and shaking of the house was if that chopper had crashed into my house. I knew with that kind of impact the fuel tank would explode in moments, so yeah, I ran from the house! My son actually heard the crash over the phone and was asking me what the heck had just happened.

When I got outside and saw no sign of a chopper or airplane protruding from my roof, I went toward the street to see if a semi truck had slammed through the front wall…nope. At this point, I still wasn’t thinking “earthquake”. I figured, along with the neighbors who were also outside now and just as perplexed as I, that there was an explosion somewhere close by. I was too flabbergasted to even think to call 911, but the neighbor was more “together”. He came over a few minutes later to tell me they suspected an earthquake at the 911 call center due to the humongous number of phone calls they were getting.

Well, the epicenter was only about 50 miles from me (as the crow flies) and even closer to areas of fracking…so, I guess it’s time for me to get back into the fray again. I learned this past weekend, that I never want to experience any stronger quake than the one I did. At least you Californian’s don’t also have to deal with snow and ice…this is just too much.


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